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 street comic show 


A show suitable for all squares, for all languages, for all ages!

A fresh-air character, elegant and with attention to detail, who hovers in the world of clown flying over the seas of classic circus and street art.

He will introduce you to a juggler who can hold balls in the air and drop all kinds of things, a struggling tightrope walker on heel 12 and a tiger tamer who jumps himself into the circle of fire.

A show of interaction with the public that through the universal language of the game creates an exclusive relationship of trust with each spectator.

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The “Sebastian Burrasca” show debuted in its street version in 2016 (with the title “Shoes”) after several years of experimentation as a “hat” show. The goal has always been to get to know the figure of the contemporary clown and take it to an unconventional place such as that of the street.
This research led him to win the Takimiri Award in 2017 and to participate in various festivals in Italy and Europe such as Le Jeudi du Perpignan (Perpignan, France), Pflasterspektakel (Linz, Austria), Veregra street (Montegranaro, Italy), Vademecum ( Monterotondo, Italy), Clown & Clown (Monte san Giusto, Italy), Santa Sofia Buskers Festival (Santa Sofia, Italy), SMIAF (San Marino), Super Clown festival (Modena, Italy), as a company off the "Fira Tarrega" (Tarrega, Spain), Fabio Chiesa Amphitheater (Viareggio, Italy), Sbocc  (Cardano, Italy).
In 2019 he was selected by AMAT to participate in the SPARSE FESTIVAL carried out as part of the European project Sparse (Supporting & Promoting Arts in Rural Settlements of Europe) funded by the Creative Europe program.
The numbers of this show have also crossed several stages leading to the desire to create a theatrical version still in progress.
Since 2019 he is a member of Manicomics Teatro, a ministerial company supported by MiBAC.


- duration min 30 max 50 minuti

- minimal space requirement 5mX5m 

- assembly 15 minuti

- disassembly 15 minuti

- perfect in square, adaptable to 

interior space

- audio self sufficient 150 watt


- good lighting needed220

- a changing room is welcome

Pflasterspektakel Linz 2019
Fira Tàrrega 2018
Clown&Clown 2018




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