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Fabio Lucignano grew up as a clown and juggler in the most beautiful squares in Italy, where in 2010 he created the comic character Sebastian Burrasca

It is at the age of 16 that Fabio meets the theater, joining the "Playbakkari", a theater improvisation company founded by Paolo Lanciani, whose work is based on the principles of psychodrama and takes place in contexts that need social development , such as rest homes, prisons, ghetto neighborhoods in the province of Milan.

In 2007 he formed with the VIP clown therapy association in which he deepened the art of the clown and the therapeutic power of laughter.
The idea of theater as “therapy” and the commitment that derives from it are rooted in Fabio's work as an artist. In 2007 and again in 2008 he left for Ghana with his personal project that saw him performer for the little guests of the Offin Children Center orphanage.
On his return, thinking that not only subjects with social and family discomfort could benefit from theatrical art, he decides to expand his audience, approaching the most popular stage in the world, one that can be accessed by people of any class and social condition. : the street.
This is where his personal adventure begins, the aim of which is to make as many people laugh as possible.
In 2014 he founded the Clown Collective together with the Duo Meroni Zamboni, with which he organizes festivals, shows and events.
In 2015 he began a collaboration with Andrea Mineo which culminated in the creation of the Funky Magic Show.
From 2016 to 2018 he was conductor of the "L'arte del Clown" laboratory, a research laboratory on the figure of the clown and his comic techniques.

In 2017 he was the first classified in the Clown Factor competition, winning the Takimiri prize at the International Clown'n'Clown Street Art Festival of Monte San Giusto.

In spring 2019 he is the protagonist together with the clown Andrea Meroni of the China Grand Theater Tour, with the show “Balloon Adventures”. A two-month tour with more than 20,000 spectators in the largest theaters in the Shanghai region.
His artistic baggage includes juggling, balloon sculptures, clown art and through a training that increases every year (with seminars with masters such as Frezer Hooper and André Casaca) he arrives in the development of an original comedy tending to demented "no sense" .
In addition to being an interpreter and director of his own shows, he has also worked for others, directing collective and individual direction.
He engages in various types of art and crafts, he is in fact the creator and creator of his sets and costumes.

In recent years this path has led him to perform in various Street Artists Festivals, both in Italy and in Europe, including:


Le Jeudi du Perpignan (Perpignan, France)

 Pflasterspektakel (Linz, Austria)

 Veregra street (Montegranaro, Italy)

 Vademecum (Monterotondo, Italy)

 Clown & Clown (Monte san Giusto, Italy)

 Santa Sofia Buskers Festival (Santa Sofia, Italy)

 SMIAF (San Marino)

 Faenza Buskers (Faenza, Italy)

 Senigart (Senigallia, Italy)

 Super clown festival (Modena, Italy)

 company off the "FiraTarrega" (Tarrega, Spain)

 Modena Buskers Festival (Modena, Italy) 

Fabio Chiesa Amphitheater (Viareggio, Italy)

 Sbocc "arte che sboccia" winter festival(Cardano, Italy)

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