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A fresh-air character, elegant and with attention to detail, who hovers in the world of clown flying over the seas of classic circus and street art.
He will introduce you to a juggler who can hold balls and balls in the air and drop all kinds of things, a struggling tightrope walker on heel 12 and a tiger tamer who jumps himself into the circle of fire.
A show of interaction with the public that through the universal language of the game creates an exclusive relationship of trust with each spectator.

 street comic show 

seb titolo.png

 theatre clown show 

What happens when a balloon takes off? Everyone rolls their eyes, some children cry, but there is nothing more to be done. But what if this balloon had escaped from the hand of two clowns?

Two aviators, hot air balloon pilots, fearless and courageous, embark on a journey to chase him. This journey will take them to Balloonia where they find the dreams that got out of hand, those that have burst and those that are now deflated.

Will they be able to bring them back to earth?

 performance for cabaret 


street/theatre clown show 

At the sound of the "din" the show begins!

Everything is ready, studied in detail but ... a storm of inconveniences hits Sebastian who realizes he hasn't thought of everything!

A perfect clown and juggling performance for all ages.

duration 8 minutes

Suitable for any stage

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