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 theatre clown show 


Perhaps Shakespeare was right in saying that we are made of the same

substance of dreams , what is certain that we are the ones who give substance to our dreams. "Godiam, fugace e rapido e' il gaudio dell’amore".

What happens when a balloon takes off? Everyone rolls their eyes, some children cry, but there is nothing more to be done. But what if this balloon escaped from the hand of two clowns ?

Two aviators, hot air balloon pilots, fearless and courageous, embark on a journey to chase him. This journey will take them to Balloonia where they find the dreams that got out of hand, those that have broken out and those that are now deflated.

Will they be able to bring them back to earth?

The idea of "Balloon Adventures" was born at the end of 2018 by Fabio Lucignano and Andrea Meroni, in order to keep the collaboration of the CollettivoClown active with the Chinese show agency Shanghai Yijun Cultural Performing Arts with which the company has been working for two years. The show has a common thread that can be guessed right from the title: balloons. Despite the experience in the manipulation of these objects, the aim is not to show flashiness and skills, but rather to create images and sensations aimed at narration; a narrative that wants to remain light, ethereal and dreamy.

The two characters are inspired by silent cinema (Laurel and Oil in particular), by the world of clowns in the circus of the past and by animated films (Dick Dastardly and Zilly). In the show there are several techniques including balloon manipulation, juggling, man in the balloon, pantomime.


- Duration: 60 minutes


- Assembly: 180 minutes


- Disassembly: 120 minutes


- Minimum stage space 6 x 6


- The show is also suitable for open spaces


- requires lighting and audio system


- requires 220v connection


- audio technician needs (possibility of having a person inside our company)


Small numbers are suitable for Cabaret and Gala.

China GranTheatre Tour
Teatro Rosetum, Milan
Family Gala, Turin




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